Muldrew Lakes Lake Plan

Welcome to the MLCA Muldrew Lakes Lake Plan website. Please find a copy of all lake plan materials distributed to date, as well as an outline of the Lake Plan process and important dates.


1st Revision of the draft Lake Plan Update - Letter to Members & Revised Policy

MLCA Lake Plan 3rd Communication - November 7, 2022 

Q&A Document - Responses to FAQs and Feedback received to date 


At the 2017 Annual General Meeting (AGM), members of the Muldrew Lakes Cottagers’ Association (MLCA) voted to initiate a review and update of the MLCA Lake Plan which was initially completed in 2009. The lake plan was comprehensive in nature, identifying issues and actions to address both stewardship and land use issues on the lakes. As a result of the plan, several Muldrew-specific policies and zoning provisions were incorporated into the Gravenhurst Official Plan (GOP) and Zoning By-Law. The lake plan was meant to be a "living document", which would be reviewed and updated every 5 years. Currently, the MLCA is addressing the review and update of the land use policies contained within the Gravenhurst Official Plan and Zoning By-law, with the intent of reviewing and updating the lake plan as a whole (including community stewardship initiatives) in the near future.

During the summer of 2020, EcoVue Consulting Services (a land use planning firm based in Peterborough) began Phase 1 of the project. This initial phase included three specific deliverables:

1. 2020 Survey (188 responses; distributed electronically and in paper format during the summer of 2020)

2. Town Hall (54 attendees; included two meetings held on Zoom in the fall of 2021)

3. Feasibility Report (with recommendations based on background research and community consultation)

Phase 1 of the project was concluded in the spring of 2021.

At the 2021 AGM, the membership voted to proceed with Phase II of the project which is currently ongoing. Phase II includes the initial drafting of revisions and updates to the policies and provisions in the Gravenhurst Official Plan and Zoning By-Law based on the community consultation conducted during Phase I of the project. This first draft of the update was distributed in the 2022 Dock Drop to each residence/cottage on the Muldrew Lakes. Since this time, the MLCA has been collecting feedback from the community and is set to release a second draft of the revised policies and provisions in November 2022. For a summary of the timeline, please see below. 

Lake Planning Process

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