MLCA Lake Plan

Moving Forward with a Review and update

of the Lake plan

  • A Lake Plan is a document that guides land use planning according to a "vision" for the future of a lake. This vision is determined by cottagers, residents, and community stakeholders, and seeks to identify and protect the physical, social and environmental values of a lake community.

    A Muldrew Lakes Plan was put together and published in 2009 (with the bulk of the work conducted between 2004 and 2009) by an incredible team of volunteers on the lake. French Planning Services was hired to provide professional planning expertise. Though the plan ended up being comprehensive in nature, the initial focus of the plan was on land use policy. The result was several Muldrew-specific policies being added to the Gravenhurst Official Plan. One of the action items listed in the 2009 Muldrew Lakes Plan was to advocate for an update to the Gravenhurst Zoning By-law to implement these Muldrew-specific policies. At present, the Gravenhurst Zoning By-law contains only Muldrew-specific provisions for the development of boathouses.

    The Muldrew Lakes Plan was to be updated and revised every 5 years to assess the progress or effectiveness of planned actions, and to ensure that set priorities and actions were still relevant. EcoVue Consulting Services, a land use planning firm based in Peterborough, Ontario, has been retained to review and further develop Muldrew-specific land use polices and zoning by-laws. During the summer of 2020, EcoVue will be conducting an initial study to determine the level of community interest in continuing with the lake plan, and to review and update the vision, values and action items identified in the 2009 plan.

    This initial study is being conducted between May and October of 2020, and will include three specific deliverables:

  • 1)     Community Survey – A survey specific to the revision and update of the lake plan will be distributed electronically in July. The survey will help to determine the level of community interest as well as the review of key issues in the community.
  • 2)     Community Workshop – A workshop was designed after analyzing the results of the community survey and conducting background research. The workshop probed deeper into the main issues identified in the survey, to provide a greater understanding of community perspectives to update/revise the vision and priority action items for the Muldrew Lakes. Due to the restrictions associated with Covid-19, this workshop was conducted virtually in the form of two Zoom sessions.
  • 3)     Final Report – A final report for this introductory phase summarizes background research, and the results of the survey and workshop. It provides an analysis of the issues as well as the level of community interest in continuing with an update of the Muldrew Lakes Plan, while also providing policy recommendations and an estimation of costs for pursuing implementation in the Town of Gravenhurst Official Plan/Zoning By-law.

Overall, the work that EcoVue has been retained to do is vital to ensuring that the project is scoped appropriately and can be conducted professionally and responsibly by the lake association. It will also help to guide the remainder of the process and ensure its overall success.


Lake Plan Revision Update – May 17, 2022

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