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Reference Guide  

The following is a quick reference guide for owners, renters and other short-term guests.

1.    Read the ‘Courtesy Code’ (in the Dock Drop or online).

2.    Remove any potential invasive species prior to boat-launch at the lake. All watercraft (boats/trailers/PWC) brought into Muldrew Lake should be dry docked for 48 hours or thoroughly washed with bilges and live wells emptied! Fishing? Don’t introduce any live bait into the lake. Some minnows and crayfish are invasive. Never dump your bait bucket in the lake. And replace all lead weights in your tackle box, as they can be fatal to aquatic birds.

3.    Respect the lake! It is our most vital and precious resource. So please, never wash in the lake. Be careful when filling up the boat. And remember to ‘live lightly’ when it comes to water consumption.

4.    Respect your neighbours! Enjoy your time on Muldrew Lake but know that sound carries over water. Even a conversation can be heard from across the lake on a quiet evening, so imagine the effect of music or parties, especially at night. Likewise for barking dogs.

5.    Rules for boating. You require a boat operator’s card. You require certain safety equipment. Drinking and boating do not mix. The OPP regularly patrol the lake and fines are heavy. Know the law!

6.    Respect nature. Make sure garbage is disposed properly. The best bet is to take your household garbage home with you or to the Dump when you leave. Do not leave any garbage at the side of the road. The animals will get into it.

7.    Reach out to a neighbour. We’re generally a nice bunch. A coffee or cocktail goes a long way.

8.    Regattas, worship services, nature hikes, etc. Inquire about our lake events.

9.    Rocks and shoals are around, so please ask the property-owner or a lake resident about location. A good power-boating rule of thumb is to stay in the middle of the channel, where possible. If it’s a quiet time of day or tranquil part of the lake, keep it that way. Please be courteous and keep wake to a minimum!

10.  Ratings for bonfires. There have been recent fire bans. Ensure bonfires are allowable and proper fire-pits are on-site. Extinguish all fires. No outdoor fires are allowed during daylight hours. Please phone 1-877-847-1577 to check current fire rating.

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