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BOATERS - Please watch your wake


Shoreline erosion is a serious problem. Boats tied to

docks can be damaged. Loon nests are close to shore and chicks can be drowned by big waves. Please keep your boat either on plane (riding quickly on the surface of the water) or dead slow to minimize wake.

If your boat has ballast tanks for wake-boarding, please pump them out when not wakeboarding to minimize harmful wakes.

If you are passing smaller boats such as canoes, minimize your wake by keeping your boat on plane or going slow.

Keep it quiet

If your boat has a muffler by-pass (for off-shore use) please ensure that the mufflers are active – by-passing the muffler creates excessive noise and is disturbing to most cottagers.

Consider upgrading to a quieter motor (such as most new 4-stroke motors). 

Keep it clean 

To protect our lake, ensure your boat is washed thoroughly well away from the lake before launching. Better still; leave it in dry storage for 48 hours before you launch it.

Boat motors can last forever – but should they? If your motor is more than 10 years old it creates a lot of pollution. Consider upgrading to a new 4-stroke motor to reduce pollution.

Do not throw garbage over-board – it can harm wildlife, it could cut a bare-foot water-skier’s feet and it will only wash up on a neighbour’s shore. 

Keep it safe

Please avoid high speeds – is very narrow and there is little margin for error in passing other boats.

Stay as far from shore as possible when you are traveling quickly – give swimmers at the shore lots of room to have fun.

WATER SKIERS AND WAKE BOARDERS … and any other towing activities like barefoot skiing, knee boarding, tubing, parasailing etc.:

Plan your circuit to ensure you do not enter narrow channels and you have room to turn around safely. Keep your skier and everyone else safe.

Stay in the middle of the channel. Stop if there is congestion. Muldrew is a narrow lake. If everyone is courteous, everyone can have fun! Please don’t start before 8:00 in the morning and finish before dusk.

Your neighbours will appreciate a good night’s rest.

NOISE - Noise travels over water. It can spoil your neighbour’s enjoyment.

Please avoid noisy activities in the early morning (before 8:00 am) or evening (after sunset), particularly where the noise can carry over the water and on boats: playing loud music; loud parties; using power tools, hammers and construction equipment.

The sound of children playing at the lake is not noise and should be encouraged.

LIGHTS - Muldrew Lake abuts a ‘dark sky preserve’ which is designated to allow people to see the stars better. Minimizing night lighting on the lake helps reduce light pollution.

Avoid bright lights shining on the water. If an outdoor light can be seen from the lake, switch to a light fixture that shields the bulb or use low wattage and low intensity bulbs.

Neighbours across the water will appreciate being able to see the stars better. Boaters will be able to navigate better without being blinded by shore-side lights

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