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  • January 13, 2019 5:02 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Fellow cottagers John and Joanne Twist will be participating in a fund raiser called Coldest Night of the Year, a nation-wide event on February 23, 2019.  They are raising money locally for G.A.P. (Gravenhurst Against Poverty), a local organization established to help hungry, homeless, and hurting families in our community.

    This is a very important cause for John and Joanne.  Joanne is currently chairing the GAP committee, and her tenure on the Gravenhurst Women's Centre Board gave her further insights into the plight of the poor in our town.  There is a rich Muskoka, and there is a very poor Muskoka.
    The latter is often hidden from sight, but it is there.

    At 4 pm on the 23rd I will be walking in the cold for an hour or so, and need your assistance..
    The Twist's need 2 things:

    1. Walkers to accompany them and be part of the "Dewdroppers" team; and

    2. Donations.
    If you want to be part of the team, or know anyone else who might be
    interested, please let them know. Or go on the website (, go to
    their page, click on the "join" button, and sign up.

    If you want to contribute, you have several choices:
    a. mail in some money - mail a cheque, made out to Coldest Night of the Year (626 Dewdrop Lane, Gravenhurst, P1P1R2)

     b. go on the website and follow the instructions.

    Thank you for reading my email, and, hopefully, getting involved.

    Team Captain, "The Dewdroppers"

  • December 27, 2018 2:39 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Sad to share this news of fellow cottager Margaret Spalding.  Sending our thoughts and prayers to her family.

  • December 27, 2018 2:35 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

     - Message from the President -

    Summer 2018 will be remembered as a perfect summer weather-wise: very few storms, warm days and nights and thankfully no boating accidents.  This summer, too, saw a record number of young participants in the canoe lessons prior to the regatta.

    Your board took some new initiatives this season:

    1. Restore Your Shore:Under the direction of Sarah Bale, our lake Steward, the first ever “restore your shore“ planting took place.  A work party of volunteers planted native plants (provided by the Watershed Council) at two cottage sites on Muldrew – a winning combination for both cottager and Muldrew shoreline quality and preservation.  We hope to continue this program in the future if possible. We should add that this is a program funded by the Ontario Government and MLCA had to apply to participate.

    2. Silent Auction and Bake Sale:  On July 14th cottagers came together with treasures they wanted to purge at Memorial Pines. On personal note, my pies and Andrea Lukes gave Gravenhurst Bakery a run for the money! Funds in excess of $1,600.00 were raised. This money will used to for property maintenance at Muldrew owned properties (north, south lake landings and memorial pines)

    3. MLCA 2018 Survey Results:Thank you to all that participated in the survey. This survey was geared toward lake use specifically and 132 respondents provided excellent feedback. The summary of all results can be found on the Muldrew Lake Website.


    • Cottagers are very interested in “Community” events during the summer.
    • 90% of respondents strongly agree with conducting a lake planning process (85 respondents are very interested in being involved!)
    • 90% of respondents strongly agree with conducting a lake planning process (85 respondents are very interested in being involved!)
    • 80% of respondents wish to receive communication via email. More members use FB page Muldrew my second home vs. the Muldrew FB page. Only 2% still wish hard copy communication.
    • Respondents feel greatest value in membership is community events (regatta, fireworks, water quality, boating safety, landings)
    • 63% think that using funds for appealing applications on properties was appropriate with membership knowledge
    • 40% support fall and winter inspections… while 33% do not want them as part of membership


    1.    Looking forward to summer of 2019: Based on the support in the survey, the Board will strike a Lake Plan task force. MLCA Directors, Sarah Bale and Jessica Rohr, will work together to lead this task force. At present some government grants are being considered to help fund this project on Muldrew.

    2.    July 13th- Safe and Quiet Lakes: will be presenting results from a Muskoka-wide survey we participated in, on boating and safety practices. This event will take place at memorial pines along with another event we are cooking up. Watch for the Spring Newsletter for more details!

    3.   Bio Blitz: We are looking into a BIO BLITZ for the lake. It may be a one-day event or multiple afternoons possibly following canoe lessons. Please see spring newsletter for details.

    4.     Calendar: Please review the calendar below to save the date for Muldrew Events Summer 2019.


    We are fortunate to have a local resident and MLCA board member, Joanne Twist, keeping the board informed regarding developments at town level. Joanne will continue to liaise with the Town on matters that concern us. 

    Our new mayor Paul Kelly is reaching out to all the lake associations to hear their concerns. He has developed a SWOT team to focus on Gravenhurst strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and treats. The results of the analysis formed part of an information package for Town Staff and the new council. Here is a summary. In each case, (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats – SWOT) it came from the feedback of the lake associations. 

    Top four strengths:

    • Beauty & Environment – water, trees, etc.
    • Muskoka Regional Centre property
    • Location
    • Heritage

    Top four weaknesses:

    • Senior staff runs the town
    • Disconnect between Council and permanent/seasonal residents
    • Irresponsible spending
    • Lack of respect for the Official Plan

    Top four opportunities identified were:

    • Environment first with policy built into the Official Plan
    • Muskoka Regional Centre Property
    • Collaboration between Town and District, Town and Seasonal Residents and Town and Volunteer Groups
    • Better Governance

    Top Threats

    • Staff running town not elected officials
    • High density development in Muskoka e.g. Minett
    • Taxes
    • Inability to attract business due to lack of employees and housing and lack of living-wage jobs

    Jo Morphy is the councillor for Ward 2 and Stephen Klinck for Ward 3.


    Garbage bins at north and south lake landing for “island users and properties with no garbage collection only “is becoming a large concern as there seem to be many items just left by the side of the road. I would not be surprised if the bins were removed. If that happens, we will all need to go to the dump in the future.

    Loon sightings this summer were abundant. At one point there was a gathering (gaggle) of six swimming together.


    Sadly the Muldrew community lost Rev. Don Gillies this past fall. Past president of the board for years, long-time preacher at Memorial Pines, sounding board and counsel of all that is good – a dear friend who will be missed by us all.

    I sign off wishing you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and healthy, happy New Year. IF you love the lake, (and who doesn’t?) GET INVOLVED.  It is the best way to meet the awesome community of people we are a part of on Muldrew. Please email me or call me anytime 416-550-6922.  Better yet drop by cottage 2MM15 (the island across from Peck’s Landing).

    Janet Kincaid 

    Save the Dates



    Membership Renewal starts 

    May 1, 2018

    Early bird deal on Membership ends

    May 31st2019

    Last date for early bird membership 

    June 1, 2018

    Dock Drop delivery 

    June 16th to 25th2018


    June 29th2019

    Worship Service – 1stone of the year

    June 30th2019 

    Fireworks rain date 

    June 30th2019

    Canoe Canada Day 

    Mon., July 1st 2019

    Bugs in the Mud

    Early July - exact date TBA

    Worship Service 

    July 7th2019

    Publication Deadline for nominations to Board

    July 12th2019

    Safe Quiet Lakes Event @ Memorial Pines (kids & adults TBD)

    July 13th2019

    Worship Service

    July 14th2019

    Worship Services

    July 21th, 2019

    Canoe Lessons 

    July 22nd -25th, 2019

    Swim and Canoe Regatta

    July 27th2019

    Worship Service

    July 28th2019

    Swim and Canoe Regatta Rain date 

    July 30th – 1 pm

    Bugs in the Mud

    Late July - exact date TBA

    Worship Service

    August 4th 20189

    Sailing Regatta

    August 10rd 2019


    August 10th, 2019 

    Sailing Regatta rain date 

    August 11th h, 2019 – 1 pm

    Worship Service

    August 11th 2019

    Worship Service

    August 18th 2019

    Worship Service

    August 25th 2019

    Fall board meeting 

    September 21st 2019

  • September 23, 2018 10:15 AM | Anonymous member

    Presumable because of the wind storm there is a blue and pink paddle board at the shoreline of the South Channel next to the Luke's cottage.

  • September 17, 2018 5:39 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The All Candidates Meeting sponsored by the lake associations on Aug. 30 was recorded and can be viewed on You Tube

    You can also type “Gravenhurst All Candidates Meeting” in the search box on the You Tube Home Page. 



  • September 17, 2018 1:32 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)



     Gull & Silver Lakes Residents’ Association

     Kahshe Lake Rate Payers’ Association

     Loon & Turtle Lake Cottage Association

     Muldrew Lakes Cottagers Association

     Loon & Turtle Lake Cottage Association

     Muskoka Lakes Association

     Pine Lake Ratepayers Association

     Riley Lake Property Owners Association

     South Muskoka Lake Community Association

     Sunny Lake Cottagers & Ratepayers Association


    Gravenhurst Election – Aligned Candidates


    The ten lake associations listed above are pleased to announce their Gravenhurst Aligned Candidates List for the upcoming October municipal election. The list reflects those candidates whose views best align with the core values of our members and have been approved by the Boards of the lake associations.

    In July, the lake associations met and agreed on five core or shared values – they are:

    1.         The Environment is our Economy

    2.         No High-Density Residential Developments on our Lakes

    3.         We are One Community of Permanent and Seasonal Residents

    4.         Improved Fiscal Responsibility

    5.         Good and Civil Governance

    The associations also agreed to provide information and guidance to our members regarding the candidates running for office through the following selection process:

    • ·         All of the 13 candidates running for office were interviewed by a committee consisting of Presidents or Directors of five different associations.
    • ·         The candidates were also evaluated based upon their positions on key issues and the answers they provided during the two hour All Candidates Meeting sponsored by the lake associations, held on August 30 at the Terry Fox Auditorium .
    • ·         For incumbents candidates running for re-election, the selection process also considered their performance on Council and their voting records over the past four years.

    For your convenience we have listed below the Gravenhurst Aligned Candidates List. We suggest you save it on your computer, print out several copies, and share them with your friends and neighbours. We also encourage you to share this post broadly with your Muskoka community.

    We are fortunate to live in Canada where we get to choose our representatives through open and fair elections.  We are also fortunate to be guaranteed the freedom of association, as well as the freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression by the Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms. 

    The lake associations who have undertaken the task of developing the attached Aligned Candidates list take those freedoms seriously.  We trust our members will consider all pertinent information and make an informed vote in October.


    The Group of Gravenhurst Lake Associations Aligned Candidates


    Mayor: No Election – Paul Kelly has been acclaimed mayor

    District Council: John Gordon -

                                 Heidi Lorenz -

                                 Sandy Carins -

    Ward 1 Councillor: Penny Varney -

    Ward 2 Councillor: Joanne (Jo) Morphy -

    Ward 3 Councillor: No Election - Steven Klinck has been acclaimed Ward 3 Councillor

    Ward 4 Councillor: Terry Pilger -

    Ward 5 Councillor: Audrey van Petegem –




    For more information contact Janet Kincaid –


  • September 04, 2018 2:30 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Are you interested in learning about native flowers, trees and shrubs? 

    The MLCA is looking for volunteers to help with two Restore Your Muskoka Shore planting events on the 16th of September

    Volunteer for the morning, the afternoon, or both! 

    To sign up, please email Sarah at

  • August 20, 2018 9:41 AM | Anonymous

    Update to the Small Vessel Regulations that could affect you:


    PaddleCanada's website has a summary of the recent changes to safety requirements for various paddle sports. Including: "Stand Up Paddleboards (SUP) used for navigation fall into the same category as canoes, kayaks, rowboats, rowing shells, and other human powered boats less than 6m and you are required to carry mandatory safety equipment under the Small Vessel Regulations.

    ·    Option 1: WEAR a lifejacket with a whistle (no buoyant heaving line required).

    ·    Option 2: CARRY a lifejacket on board with whistle and a buoyant heaving line.

    ·    Option 3: NONE then could receive a $200 – $500 fine for non-compliance."

    There are several other recent changes to the Small Vessel Regulations. For a full list of safety equipment required in your boat download the Canadian Safe Boating Council's Boat Notes App or check their website.

  • March 06, 2018 5:04 PM | Anonymous member

    Gardener Available on Muldrew Lake!

    Get Ready for Spring!

    Need help in your Garden? Maintain your gardens to impress your guests, family and friends. 

    Weeding, Edging, Cultivating, Pruning, Transplanting/Dividing, Planting and more

    Call to inquire about your weed free summer. 

    (647) 808 4767

    Julian Youd

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