MLCA 100th Anniversary Logo Contest

Contest Details:

This  summer marks the 100th Anniversary for the Muldrew Lakes Cottagers' Association!  Originally named Muldrew Lakes Cottagers' Club back in 1920 (the fact this was also a pandemic year is pure irony).   We'd like to celebrate this milestone with a brand refresh.  With that, we're kicking  things off with an exciting new logo contest to help freshen up our brand and future communications.

Are you creative and love Muldrew Lakes as much as the rest of us?  Great! We need you!  We're looking for your help in the development of a new logo this year.  Submit one logo or submit many, we want to see all you've got.  

We've seen some amazing Muldrew logos over the years.  Some so iconic they bring smiles to our faces even today when we see the the next generation of cottagers wearing them or wear them proudly ourselves.  This year we're looking for an official MLCA Logo that we can all be proud as we enter the next century.  So much has changed, and yet, so much of what we've always loved remains the same. 

Our Creative Brief is simple...Understand the MLCA audience, show your passion for the lake and in some way shape or form make it authentically Muldrew!  There's no must haves.  Show us what you think the best Muldrew Lakes logo looks like.


One prize will be awarded to the creator of the winning logo as selected by the panel of judges.  The prize will consist of two (2) “hoodie” sweatshirts with the winning logo printed on the front and back of the hoodie,  two (2) baseball caps with the winning logo printed on the front and one (1) set of two (2) coffee mugs with the winning logo printed on the mugs.  And bragging rights of course. Size of the "hoodies" and baseball cap prizes will be chosen by the winner of the prize.

top tips for logo design: 

  1. Get inspired. Browse the web and find a few great logo examples you like. Not only will it help you get the focus you need but it can also make for a good reference point for your design, help direct you towards an end result that you’ll be proud of.
  2. Keep it simple. There is nothing worse than a logo that’s too complicated to understand. Remember that symbols are meant to simplify things. If your logo takes more than a couple of seconds to comprehend, your audience will move on and forget all about you.
  3. Pick your colors. Don’t mix too many of them. If you feel Muldrew is associated with a distinct color, make it prominent in the logo as well.  A good logo works just as well in grayscale (sometimes you’ll have no choice but to display your logo in black and white only) so make sure it’s still effective without any colors.
  4. Know the competition. Do some research and look into other logos. What do you like about them? What don’t you like and why? The answers to these questions can help you create guidelines and direct you.
  5. Make it memorable. We’ve mentioned it before: your logo must be simple, unique and easy to remember in order to have an impact. If possible, try to inspire an emotion (or a mood) that is closely associated with Muldrew Lakes, so that the connection isn’t too abstract.
  6. Make sure the text is clear. If your logo contains text, keep it separated from the image; in the future you might want to use the image alone in some places, once it is strongly enough associated with the lake. Avoid mixing different fonts or using complicated ones; this could make your text difficult to read.

Some Iconic Examples:

How to participate:

Please be sure and read the official Rules and Regulations for this contest as all entries submitted assume acknowledgement and agreement to these Rules & Regulations.  

Entries are to be submitted electronically by email to  Accepted file formats include .PDF, .EPS, and .png. The maximum upload size for submissions is 10MB.  Multiple logo entries are welcome (and encouraged).  The winning submission will be required to submit working file in AI (or compatible) format upon contest close.

We look forward to reviewing all submissions and thank you all for your efforts

Good luck to everyone

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